Testimonials in full

Testimonials by professionals

“DysGuise fulfills a real need and will be welcomed by adults, employers, teachers and parents as well as students at College and University. The strength of DysGuise lies in the carefully selected Associates, the rigorous and thorough training programmes and the quality of leadership and vision.

DysGuise provides a unique model for assessment – a uniform approach to assessing children, students and adults that offers consistency among Assessors, not seen anywhere else in this field!   This type of service is much needed and I thoroughly recommend that adults, employers, schools and parents, and parents’ organisations, seek out the services offered by DysGuise.

I am sure that DysGuise will have a significant national impact and perform a vital function by providing insights into adults’ and students’ needs through detailed and quality psychological assessments, thereby adding to the network of support available to employers, schools and parents.  I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend DysGuise to all.”

Dr. Gavin Reid
International Consultant on Dyslexia and Learning Needs


“If you live north of Hadrian’s Wall, you would be well advised to contact DysGuise if you, or anyone belonging to you, might appear to have a specific learning difficulty.  DysGuise is an organisation that offers assessments across the age range through education and into employment.  Specific learning difficulties can cause much anguish in those who have them and in those who support them, be they parents, educators or employers.  Often the first step is to seek a sensible diagnosis.  DysGuise offers a 5-star assessment service, bespoke to the needs of all individuals.  Comprehensive and in-depth assessment tools are used to ascertain the reason for underachievement and, more importantly, areas of strength are investigated so that individuals can go forward, well equipped with heightened self–understanding and manageable strategies for coping.  Reports are jargon free, so that they can be referred to in the future, and recommendations are included for individuals and their supporters.  At the heart of DysGuise is the aim to assess in order to signpost solutions and a better way forward.  You may well consider yourself lucky if you live north of Hadrian’s Wall.

Bernadette McLean
Principal, Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey


“Loretto Senior School has now used DysGuise for a number of years, both for an informed profile of pupils’ learning needs, and for exam access arrangements.   In addition, we recommend pupils ensure they have an up to date report for University and DysGuise caters for this need – thereby ensuring that there is a smooth transition to Further or Higher Education.

We find that the reports from DysGuise give the school an excellent profile of educational attainment and cognitive processing with a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual.  The reports are clear and concise, with useful information on which to act and to recommend the necessary support.

I fully endorse DysGuise.”

Stuart Lucas
Head Support for Learning, Loretto Senior School


Primary School testimonials

Both children actually enjoyed the experience of being assessed and Jennie had a lovely way of putting them totally at ease.”


The assessment with Jennie was most useful.  It helped to clarify and address specific problems, and we realised that for Marc this was not just ‘a phase’. His new Anglophone school (in France) found Dr Guise’s report fitted in with the work that their learning support department was doing, and Marc is now in an environment that is much more positive.  The more progress he makes, the more positive he feels.”


Both my sons were assessed by DysGuise Ltd.  I feel that Dr Guise’s report helped to change people’s minds about them – they can see where their strong points are, what their skills are, and both boys are doing really well now.  Luca continues to strive.  We gave the report to his tutor.  His reading has improved, and he can cope in class now.  Enzo was shy, and he didn’t want to be assessed.  Now he is a changed person – you wouldn’t believe it is the same boy.  His report helped his teachers know how to support him.  The reports were also very good for the boys’ personal well-being.  I’m really thankful to DysGuise Ltd.”



I decided to have my son assessed for dyslexia following the results of some tests in Primary 5 at school.  The results indicated that my son’s reading age was not in line with his intellect.  I was recommended Dr Jennie Guise as someone who could conduct such an assessment.  Both my son and I were quite apprehensive about the assessment as we didn’t know what to expect and were not sure what was involved.  Dr Guise immediately put us at our ease and when I came back later I found that my son had worked very hard but was very content and pleased to have completed the various tasks he had been given.  Dr Guise then was able to give us a broad overview of the results which confirmed that my son was dyslexic.

She was very positive and encouraging to my son and the whole experience was very empowering.  Very promptly following the assessment we were given a detailed report which gave us guidance about ways of tackling the various forms of my son’s dyslexia.  We were able to pass the report on to my son’s school who then put in place a programme to help him.  We have since gone on to follow a dyslexia programme which has helped my son improve his confidence in reading and writing.


“Many thanks for such a comprehensive report, it has been very interesting to read.  Thanks also for the time you spent with my daughter, and for making the experience so good for her.”

Secondary School testimonials

“ The University disabilities office found Jennie Guise’s report comprehensive, exceptionally well-prepared and useful.  Indeed, it allowed them to give my son all the support he’ll need without having to do any additional testing.  As a mother, I’m personally grateful to Dr Guise.  She helped my son realise, both during the assessment process and in her written communication afterwards, that he’s bright and capable.  This in turn gave him the self-confidence to achieve high marks in school last year, and to tackle the difficult course of study he’s undertaken at University.”


“My son Iain, age 14 was assessed by Dr Guise in October of last year.   He and I both felt that she really listened to his own situation and individual challenges he faces in daily life at school.  He clearly felt he could be open and honest and that he was talking to someone who simply understood him.  She was also very practical in her advice and coping strategies to be adopted and stressing to him the fact that his results clearly stated that he is not “thick” (Iain’s words) but quite the opposite – but he has challenges when translating to paper.  The issue of self esteem is one that as a mother I am conscious to try and maintain and Dr Guise was very reassuring in this regard.  The whole process and outcome was a positive experience however an ongoing one with regards to the education system and will continue to be work in progress.”

“I brought my son to meet with Jennie Guise in April 2011 following a difficult start at senior school.  Jennie worked with our son for a couple of hours and assessed his abilities to complete a number of tasks.  The following week we received a comprehensive report with practical help and advice for both myself and his school.  My son felt very comfortable with Jennie and told me he found the experience quite interesting.  I have no hesitation in recommending DysGuise to other parents in a similar situation as myself.”

College and University student testimonial

“The assessment was a big help.  I couldn’t understand why I was having difficulty with certain tasks before the assessment.   I don’t think I read any faster but it’s easier.   I also need to take time and research strategies to plan and organise things so I can improve my time management.”

Adult testimonial

After Jennie’s assessment, I was thrilled and very moved because it was a ‘door opening’ experience that allowed me a sound perception of my sense of differenceness as a dyslexic… it happily answered a lot of questions for me and others around me.

Jennie provided a perspective that allowed me to make sense of my history of the world.  Whereas beforehand I had had a sense of always dealing with many people who saw the world as flat, I was left well equipped to explain the world’s roundness as I see it and at the same time understand why another person who knows nothing of dyslexia might see it as flat.  This is to say, that Jennie’s assessment sorted out and prepared me to get organised around where and when I need to be ‘bi lingual’ with the world and where and when I do not.